What is physical education

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The theory and methodology of physical education are one of the leading majors in the system of professional training of specialists with higher physical education.

Through its content, it is designed to provide students with the necessary level of theoretical and methodological knowledge about rational ways, methods, and techniques of a physical education teacher’s activity, to reveal in the structure and content of this activity the conditions for successful implementation of educational and recreational physical education tasks.

The sources of the emergence and development of the theory and methods of physical education are:

  • The practice of social life. The need of society for well-physically trained people has caused the desire to know the laws of physical education and on their basis to build a management system for the physical improvement of a person.
  • The practice of physical education. It is precisely in it that all theoretical propositions are checked for vitality, original ideas can be born that encourage the theory and methodology of physical education to develop new plans.
  • Progressive ideas about the content and ways of bringing up a harmoniously developed personality, which were expressed by philosophers, educators, and doctors of different eras.
  • Government regulations on the state and ways of improving physical culture in the country.
  • The results of research in the field of the theory and methodology of physical education and related disciplines.

The study of any academic discipline, as a rule, begins with the development of its conceptual apparatus, i.e., with specific professional terms and concepts.

The concept is the main form of human thinking, establishing an unequivocal interpretation of a term, and expressing the essential aspects, properties or signs of the object (phenomenon) being defined.

The basic concepts of the theory of physical education include the following:

  • Physical education;
  • Physical training;
  • Physical development;
  • Physical perfection;

Physical education is a type of education, the specific content of which is the training of movements, the education of physical qualities, the mastery of special material culture knowledge and the formation of a conscious need for physical education classes. At the same time, students learn the patterns of movement of their body.

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