What is a philosophy of education

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In the modern era of the formation of an information civilization at the turn of the new century and the new millennium, the problems of knowledge, its present, and future become highly relevant. Recently, modern science is actively developing. It is the philosophy of education, which arose a little more than five decades ago.

Philosophy of education is general guidelines for the development of educational theory and methodology of education.

The philosophy of education is the science of the existence and genesis of Man in the spiritual and educational space, the purpose of education and its role, the influence on the fate of an individual, society, state, the relationship of conflicting goals and meanings of knowledge, its paradigm, etc.

The philosophy of education is considered both as an autonomous science and as a way of thinking about education. As a science, it takes its place alongside the psychology of education, didactics, comparative pedagogy and tries to describe and understand the essential, universal characteristics of pedagogical facts. As a system of principles, it represents a general philosophy applied to education.

The modern education system in its main features was formed under the influence of specific philosophical and pedagogical ideas. They were formed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries by Comenius, Pestalozzi, Froebel and, further, Herbart, Disterweg, Dewey and other founders of scientific pedagogy and together form the so-called traditional system or model of education. Although this model has evolved over two centuries, in its essential characteristics, it has remained unchanged.

From the very beginning of its emergence to the present day, philosophy sought not only to comprehend the existence of the education system but also to formulate new values ​​and limits of education.

In the history of each culture has always existed a variety of education systems. These days, things are starting to change. The Problem Scientific Council was established at the Academy of Education, a seminar on educational philosophy began to work at the Institute of Pedagogical Research of the Academy of Education, and the first monographs and textbooks on the philosophy of education were published.

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