Persuasive essay outline

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There are several types of plan, depending on the purpose of their compilation and the size of the source text:


Drawn up questions to each paragraph or block of text. Provide answers to the questions to get a complete disclosure of the topic of the material being read, according to which the plan was drawn up.


This is a brief and concise idea of ​​a small passage of text, formulated in one or two sentences. It is convenient to use them for studying a large amount of material, writing down for each part separate theses reflecting its essence. Looking through the theses after the recording, you can easily restore the read. A properly prepared abstract plan is a concise and consistent compressed text of the source material.

Reference scheme

It differs in that both sentences and single words can serve as supports. It all depends on the memory, how short or unwrapped the supports should be. On the part of the reference, the scheme may look like a set of words and sentences that are practically unrelated to each other. But for such a plan is clear enough.

Also, plans are distinguished by being simple and complex.

  • Simple consists most often of denominative sentences. Short headlines of the highlights of the text.
  • Complicated is more detailed and deep. In this case, brief thoughts can be supplemented with sub-items or more disclosed clarifications.

Making a plan of the text correctly

In order to make a plan most accurately and correctly, it’s enough to follow a small instruction:

  • Read the text carefully and without haste. If you meet an unfamiliar word, write it in a draft.
  • While reading, highlight the main parts with a pencil. They differ in their content and have a complete idea, having formulated that, you can use it as a subtitle.
  • After reading the text, select for its main topic. You need to understand why the text was written. Write down the main points that seemed most important to you.
  • Look in the dictionary for the meaning of unfamiliar words, and perhaps they will complement what you read earlier.

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